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Redigo’s digital marketing solutions make your marketing dollars work harder, so you don’t have to. If you’re a busy business leader who wants to gain back the freedom to do what you do best—running your business—then set up a free discovery consultation today.

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Stop wasting time, money, and valuable resources on digital marketing that doesn’t work.

At Redigo, we understand the aspirations of forward-thinking business leaders like you who desire the best for their business. It’s discouraging to feel outpaced by competitors with deeper pockets and dedicated marketing teams. Or, maybe you’re disappointed by past marketing efforts.

We recognize the pressure of juggling multiple roles and the need to be an expert in all, especially when it comes to the complex world of digital marketing. The reality? You shouldn’t have to deal with this alone.

Our team specializes in delivering effective digital marketing solutions tailored for SMBs, ensuring your strategies are both simple and results-driven.

With Redigo Marketing, we aim to maximize your ROI and give you the freedom to steer your business without the constant weight of marketing concerns. Let us shoulder that burden. Share your story with us, and together, we’ll achieve the results your business rightfully deserves, allowing you to reclaim your invaluable time.

Digital marketing solutions that work for SMBs

From stellar website design to comprehensive strategies that elevate your brand, our digital marketing services are crafted to maximize your ROI. We will discover your audience, increase engagement, and convert your visitors into loyal fans.

With Redigo as your partner, you will enjoy customized solutions, clear results, and the freedom to focus on running your business. Your enhanced brand visibility is just a partnership away.


Redigo’s Essential Digital Marketing Solutions

Are you facing challenges with your digital marketing or unsure where to start? Maybe you can’t decide on your next social media post or how to increase engagement. Redigo Marketing has your back. We specialize in driving your brand to the forefront, ensuring you stand tall in search results with expert SEO and engaging content.

Unlock the power of visibility with Redigo’s SEO and SEM services. Dive deep to optimize your online presence to drive organize and paid growth. Gain insights into search engine dynamics, and craft strategies that place you at the forefront of search results.

Redigo transforms your vision into a standout website tailored to your brand. Our designs prioritize functionality and aesthetics. With our maintenance plan, we provide ongoing optimization for performance and prime search engine rankings.

Shape your brand’s voice with Redigo’s content development. Craft compelling narratives, captivate your audience, and deliver impactful messages that resonate and drive engagement.

Captivate your audience with Redigo’s social media management services. We’ll craft engaging content, manage your social media accounts, and run data-driven campaigns to help you achieve your business goals.

Every brand has a unique story, and at Redigo, we’re dedicated to understanding yours.

Meet the team

At Redigo, our team is a fusion of expertise and passion. With diverse backgrounds, we collaboratively craft strategies that elevate your brand’s narrative. Beyond mere marketing, we’re your dedicated partners in the digital journey, genuinely invested in your success.

Steve Yeaton

Founder & CEO
Steve Yeaton

With over a decade of expertise in design, web development, and digital marketing, Steve brings an entrepreneurial spirit and curiosity to every project. As a seasoned freelancer with strong ties to the CEEK Metaverse, he expertly combines aesthetics with functionality, turning visions into cohesive digital solutions. His passion for crypto gives him a unique perspective on the future of technology, entertainment, and finance.

Ben Ruoff

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Ben Ruoff

Bringing a wealth of experience and deep industry insights, Ben directs Redigo’s strategic course, ensuring it stays ahead of industry trends and delivers unmatched value to SMBs. With over 15 years in marketing, both in-house and agency, Ben has made a quantifiable impact across major brands like John Deere, NFL, STIHL, and Benjamin Moore. His expertise extends to speaking roles, including recurring classes at Columbia University.

Tom Longval

Chief Creative Officer
Tom Longval

With 27 years of expertise in Photoshop, Tom has served a diverse clientele from the commercial to the fine arts sectors. His work focuses on the primary goal: the vitality of life. By bringing forth the hues and depth in the images, it holds the viewer’s eye. His fine arts collaborations include the likes of Richard Schmid, MFA Boston, and Schoelkopf Gallery.

Brooks Young

Director of Business Development
Brooks Young
Brooks is a seasoned business leader with roots in both the corporate and music worlds who formerly headed the Greater Derry Londonderry Chamber of Commerce, driving regional economic growth. He’s an acclaimed musician and guitarist who has collaborated with legends like B.B. King, Sammy Hagar, and George Thorogood, enriching his musical expertise and learning from industry giants.

Eric Ober

Director of Sales
Eric Ober

With over a decade of experience in the dynamic world of real estate, Eric brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Redigo. His real estate journey has honed his skills in market analysis, customer engagement, and strategic promotion. Eric leverages his industry insights to craft innovative marketing solutions that drive results and elevate brands.

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